Manual Driver Installation Instructions for KADE miniArcade

KADE miniArcade uses Atmel drivers and they are included with the KADE Loader software.

The driver folder can be found by selecting menu option “Help > Drivers > AVR Drivers”.

KADE Drivers

The default location for drivers is: C:\Program Files\KADE Loader\drivers\minimus avr

To manually install the drivers, you will need to open “Device Manager” on Windows. This is typically available by opening “Control Panel” and then clicking on “Device Manager”.

Insert the KADE miniArcade into a USB port and you should see an entry similar to the following appear in the device list. The device will be named either AT90USB162 or ATMEGA32U2 and may have a warning icon beside it.

KADE Manual Driver Install

If you are not prompted to search for drivers automatically, then you should right-click on the entry and click the “Update Driver Software…” button.

Click “Browse my Computer for Driver Software…”

Browse for drivers

and specify the path to the AVR drivers.

Driver Path

Drivers will then be installed.

Drivers installing

Windows confirms that driver installation is complete.

Driver installation complete

If updating the drivers does not work for you, please try reinstalling the loader software. ¬†Right click on the setup.exe and run the setup app as Administrator. ¬†When prompted, choose “Yes” when asked to force a reinstall.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 7.07.34 PM

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