Review of KADE miniConsole+ by Cosmic Effect

Eric Fraga, from Cosmic Effect (a respected retro-gaming channel in Brazil) has reviewed the KADE miniConsole+ device.

In his video, Eric has fun connecting various retro gamepads to play his favourite games and immerses himself in the experience.  We loved the video so much that we requested English subtitles.  Eric obliged.  Thanks for being awesome Eric!

Here’s the video.


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Preview of KADE miniConsole+ Gamepad Mapper Software

The KADE miniConsole+ device supports a great many systems, retro gamepads and controllers.  Best of all,  the device is plug and play.

Plug and play is great but we think there will be some of you that like to tinker and change the default gamepad assignments used by the device.  For this reason,  we developed a gamepad configuration tool specifically for the KADE miniConsole+ and we are really excited about it.  We call it the “mapper” and it will help you to get the most from your device by allowing you to configure gamepad mappings to your own liking.   It is easy to use and intuitive – the mapper shows you how your gamepad maps are interpreted by the various output systems.   To apply changes you simply plug your miniConsole+ device to a USB port and click the “Flash icon”.  Your custom settings are then stored in the memory of the device.  Happy days!


The utility is cross platform and runs on Windows and Mac. A Linux version should be available soon.


The miniConsole+ device itself is plug and play out of the box so this utility is not essential and is not aimed at everyone. The utility is intended for those that want to tinker with the settings and make changes to the default gamepad assignments.  The mapper will allow you to manage your gamepad configurations in one place,  rather than customising each and every emulator that you are running for example.

You can verify your updated mappings using the built-in gamepad tester.


Our gamepad mapper does some pretty neat stuff.

  • Multiple outputs can be mapped to a single input to simulate button combos.
  • Digital input can be mapped to analog output and vice versa.
  • You can force output to a single system to make the device work in a specific way. e.g. You may want to use PS3, or Xbox output on a PC. The device itself is plug and play and does not require any drivers for operation.
  • There are up to 34 mappable inputs per gamepad. There is a page scroll button at the bottom of screen to access all of the other available inputs for the gamepad. The second page includes the analog inputs such as left stick, right stick and shoulder buttons.
  • Gamepad configurations can be saved and exported for use on other computers.
  • Drivers (to flash/program the device) are automatically installed with the software.
  • A built-in gamepad tester (developed specifically for KADE miniConsole+) can be used to verify all of your gamepad inputs.
  • The utility makes it easy for you to apply KADE firmware updates to the miniConsole+ device to make sure that you benefit from all the latest features as they become available.

The KickStarter project for KADE miniConsole+ will be starting soon. It would be great if you would consider backing our project. We’ll update to let you know when the project is underway.

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First ever- direct 3rd party USB Wii U input! February Kickstarter.

First ever- direct 3rd party usb controller input to the Wii U!
We are super excited about all the new features we are adding tot he KADE miniConsole+.  As we get ready for our February kickstarter, we want to show off some of the features.  The first feature is direct USB into the Wii U acting as a Wii U gameCube controller.  Bruno was able to program the KADE miniConsole+ to announce itself as Wii U gamecube converter.  This is on the fly with no additional configuration or reprogramming.  The miniConsole+ can dynamically detect input from a wide range of original console controllers as well as detect output to Wii, Wii U, Playstation 1, 2, 3, Mac, Windows, Linux Android Ras Pi, original Xbox, and more!
Another great feature I allude to in the video is a cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) configuration utility and firmware loader Jon is working on.

The video shows a KADE miniConsole+ fightstick which has an optional arcade expansion board connected. This is more for Makers and folks who like to tinker.  We also have a plug and play model for use with TVs and computers.  Here is a sneak peak with just a few of the inputs and outputs shown:

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KADE miniConsole+ KickStarter



We’ll be dishing out information and updates over the coming days and weeks in the run up to our KickStarter campaign.
Remember to sign up (on the right of page) to receive email updates from the KADE team.

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2013 BYOAC User Choice Award for Best Hardware

The KADE team are very proud to be awarded the 2013 BYOAC User Choice Award for Best Hardware and are honored to receive it from the community of arcade enthusiasts who have supported and inspired us over the last year.

It has been truly rewarding to see our devices used and talked about in projects over at BYOAC forum including a few exceptional arcade builds. We can only hope to see more KADE powered arcade machines brought to life in 2014.

If you are not familiar with BYOAC (Build Your Own Arcade Controls) then I highly recommend that you take time out to visit and take a look at the nominees and other awardees for 2013.
It was no surprise to see “PL1″ receiving the UCA award for “Best User Forum Contribution” as he is also a huge contributor and supporter of the KADE project.  Well done Scott.

It was great to see “Rablack97″ and “HaRuMaN” nominated in the “Best Hardware” category. Those guys continue to push the arcade hobby and have made awesome contributions this year.
“Rablack97″ is also huge KADE contributor and has helped us to design and test KADE devices right from the beginning .  He is a dependable guy and a great character to have around.  Thanks for your continued support Rodney.

Thanks to all those folks who helped us to make KADE and thanks to all those folks who decided to use KADE.

Hope to see you over at BYOAC.

Jon, Kevin and Bruno

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Fall update


Summer life has been busy for the KADE team but we have been slowly working on a few cool new projects that will be announced in coming weeks (maybe months).  While we have been busy working on new stuff, we have been talking with folks that are doing super cool things with the KADE miniArcade.  We’ll be adding a new section to the site to focus on some projects that have caught our attention in recent months.

One of our favorites is the fact that all of the laser disc games at the largest arcade in the world, The American Classic Arcade Museum, are now running KADE miniArcades + Daphne.  Since laser disc players and media are notoriously unreliable in an arcade setting running 12 hours per day, 364 days per year, ACAM has replaced the laser disc players with computers to preserve the gameplay.

Without us knowing, they purchased a few KADEs as a test when a well known, very popular encoder was giving them trouble.  After they contacted us to explain that the KADE miniArcade was working flawlessly for them, the KADE team donated enough for them to swap out the rest.

Kevin from the KADE team made a trip out to New Hamshire and was absolutely amazed at how huge the ACAM is.  This is just a fraction of the games there.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 10.26.08 PM

photo from

Take a moment and check out the ACAM site and photogallery.  The KADE team is proud to support their efforts.

If you have a project you would like us to know about, drop us an email or post it in our forums.

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KADE update- email sales are open!

The question we are asked more than anything else is “when are you going to sell KADEs for people who missed the Kickstarter?”
The KADE team is proud to announce limited email sales are now open!
Most (or all) of the proceeds are going into future product development.

We have been busy making KADEs (yes, we make all of them) and have a decent but limited stock together.  Our store isn’t ready but you can get info on pricing and ordering by going to the location of the official KADE store:
KADEminiArcade_RWB_2-300x225Future product development?
That right, we aren’t done.  We have new features to bring to the miniArcade like the rotary joystick and iCade support for iDevices in public beta.  We also have the next generation of KADE encoders in development.

Other news:
As promised, the KADE sources are public
Join our support and project forums

Thanks for supporting the KADE project!


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KickStarter and after

Sign up for updates!

We just added a way to sign up for the KADE email list so you can be notified when we have KADEs MiniArcade boards and future products available.  You can enter your email in the sidebar to the right (bottom of the page on mobile).

Kickstarter update

We received the custom PCBs from Laen @ OSHPark and have started putting Kickstarter rewards together!

Kevin has started the assembly of the US orders. Jon and Bruno will be starting the orders that will be shipped out of the UK and Brazil soon.

We also have the tShirts from the printers.  We are very happy with the quality of the shirts and screen printing.  We are also happy to say we were able to accommodate all of the size requests too!

The rewards will be going out with US tShirts only going first.  The rewards with KADE will start going out with consideration for the survey “anxiousness” rating and time of backing.  We’ll post an update with more info as the final reward timing becomes more clear.  For now, we can say “soon!”

The software is super solid and will be released with additional features not promised in the original KS!

After Kickstarter

KADE MiniArcade boards will be available for sale after the Kickstarter rewards are sent out.  Sign up for our email updates to be notified of news.  This is a prototype of the board we are testing.  The terminals might be a different color on the final product.

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Kickstarter launched and funded in 11 hours!

Well, what can we say…
We are all amazed and overwhelmed by the level of support we have recieved so-far, it is truly inspiring to know that the community is backing KADE and we are really proud of the device we have created. This project is definitely on the right track. Thanks for all of the support we have received so far.

It took less than 12 hours for us to reach our KickStarter goal. Wow! this was completely unexpected and was also very encouraging.  Just prior to this post we hit 200% of our funding goal!
Thanks from
Jon, Kevin and Bruno.

KADE - Connects arcade controls to computers and consoles -- Kicktraq Mini

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KADE Encoder and Kick Starter Project

The KADE encoder is about ready to launch as a KickStarter project and we’re really pleased to announce this to the community,  who will hopefully support the project,  and contribute to it’s future development.

Our aim is to make it easy for arcade enthusiasts, stick builders and retro gamers to interact with their computers, consoles and DIY arcade projects.  This is made possible with a ground breaking combination of open source hardware, and software.

KADE = Kick Ass Dynamic Encoder

This video provides a comprehensive introduction to KADE,  the hardware,  the software and the development team.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video and we appreciate your comment.

Further information about KADE and the imminent KickStarter project will be posted here.

KADE Hardware and Software

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