Loader Software

KADE Loader allows you to easily load KADE firmwares onto the KADE device via USB. Simply select a firmware and load it to the KADE device with one button press!

The loader is free and is open source. It is written for Windows and works fine on VMWare running Windows on Mac OSX.
Our original plan to have a premium (paid) version of the Loader with restricted access has been dropped in favour of a completely open software system, free for everyone to use and contribute.

The KADE Loader installation wizard can be downloaded from here. To install, simple run the setup.exe program and accept all of the default settings offered by the wizard. Installation should take less than a minute and the necessary drivers for KADE should be installed automatically for you.
KADE Loader checks for updates on application start (by default). This means that you will benefit from new features and firmwares as soon as we make them available.

Image of Installation Wizard

KADE Loader supports firmwares for KADE MiniArcade boards and there is Beta support for other development boards including Arduino. Find out how to obtain Beta updates on this page.

Firmwares are available for many popular systems and these come preconfigured with useful defaults so you can get up and running quickly. Typically, a default mapping will have all the common pin assignments that you need for a general project. Some firmwares come with variants of the default mapping which are made available for selection as presets in the customisation screen.

KADE Loader Firmwares

For reference purposes, you will see a mapping table in the documentation pane of KADE Loader. This mapping table can be printed as a useful reference when you are wiring up your KADE to your controls.
Your mapping changes will be saved and visible the next time you visit the customisation. You can also import and export your mappings. These features are useful if you want to transfer your setup to another machine or share your customisation with a colleague.

KADE Loader Customisation

KADE Loader has extensive customisation options that put you firmly in control. You get to choose the system (from those supported) and the functions that suit your specific project.

The KADE mini has 20 customisable inputs (labelled A1-A10 and B1-B10) and each can be assigned to a function. There is also a shift pin (labelled HWB). When a button is used in combination with the shift pin it activates a shifted mode and a further 20 pins giving a total of 40 customisable inputs.
KADE supports all of the regular controller inputs and also introduces some of its own functions that you would not find on an original controller e.g. There is Beta support for using an arcade trackball with consoles.

KADE Loader Mappings

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