KADE Arcade/Console Board using Atmega32u4

KADE Arcade/Console Board using Atmega32u4

Postby Helder » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:02 pm

Hey guys, I stumbled into this site and the KADE project recently while searching for some code for a Genesis controller and I like how it's very branched into numerous projects and has had many contributions. I'm a hobbyist PCB designer and have made a controller PCB for the GBZ project of SudoMod.com and thought that this project could use some modern MCU that is easily available today and will be integrated into 1 board as opposed to how it's being used as some expensive dev board like the Teensy++ or similar boards that then connect to the another board with the screw posts.

So I wanted to get people's feedback on if there is interest in a board that has the same things like a Reset Button,HWB Button and LEDs but has the Atmega32u4 integrated into it and a USB port (Micro USB or Mini USB) and options to use screw posts (need to know the ones people prefer) and won't break the bank to buy. I have tried using one of my controller boards with the miniConsole to program it since the KADELoader doesn't recognize the Atmega32u4, and I installed the DFU loader so it shows in FLIP and also worked fine to program in the miniConsole program and also tested fine.

What I need for feedback is what is the preferred pinout that people would like on the board and which screw posts/Terminal posts you would like to use? I've used 3.5mm pitch ones for another project before like these here:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Pcs-3-5mm-Pi ... 3cf677fc16

and they were small enough and also took a good sized gauge wire no problem.

Another thing I hope someone can do is update the KADELoader to recognize the Atmega32u4 so it can be easily programmed for everyone without hardware programmers.

Here is an image of the board I made for the GBZ Project in case anyone was curious:


here is the aAtmega32u4 pinout as well:
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